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  • Analysis of multi - channel three - dimensional stereo headphones

    The headset is an electro-acoustic conversion device that converts the electrical signal of the sound into sound. The prior art has a two-channel, multi-channel system that has a significant acoustic distribution, but they are developed on a line or plane. A complete stereo system should cheap beats be a surround Stereo system. Three-dimensional stereo with four-channel system for transmission and playback, this time four speakers should be located in the four directions of the studio, pick up three-dimensional stereo can be used with four heart-pointing characteristics of the same type of microphone, they point to the characteristics Of the spindle were pointing to the four directions of the studio. The use of four-channel stereo system to obtain three-dimensional surround sound practices are more expensive, so the actual use of the two-channel stereo processing often, resulting in analog surround sound field. The patented product of the special design to make use of superior results, a wide range of applications, such products to beats headphones the market will be more widespread attention.

    However, although the current use of traditional headphones there are all kinds of defects, but because of its long time to enter the market, will still constitute a certain degree of competition for patented products. In general, the competitive environment of the market can be divided into four forms, namely, complete monopoly, oligopoly, monopoly competition and perfect competition. According to the characteristics of the market to determine the market is a monopoly competitive market. And with the patented product market share increase, the corresponding similar products and imitation will also appear, this trend of monopoly competition will become increasingly apparent. Dolby Digital and THX and DTS technology, these technologies can be called standard surround sound beats by dr dre technology, of course, they can not be denied that the current sound of the best surround sound technology, but there are certain restrictions on the application, such as expensive equipment, Listen to the environment beats by dre on sale is strict, there must be sufficient software, and people at some point and under certain conditions of the environment or economic conditions can not be achieved.

    2017-09-15 11:32:12
  • Talking about the stage sound of drama

    With the rise of drama in recent years, drama drama market has become in full swing, the creation of small theater drama also will enter a new stage. Relative to the traditional drama creation, small theater drama major creative elements have a greater breakthrough. Among them, as one of the creative elements of the stage sound of the innovative performance is obvious. This article will combine the characteristics of the small theater drama to elaborate its sound design points, the sound system to build the specific situation and the sound control related matters. Finally, according to the current market, there are some problems in the drama of the theater, the stage sound development is restricted, and the future development of the stage theater is analyzed. Small theater drama stage sound includes sound design, sound system construction and sound control several parts. Stage sound design is the stage beats by dr dre sound division after reading the script, in order to make the drama to achieve some artistic effect, the entire drama of the sound elements such as music, audio and some language related art creation. It is for the drama to build a sound blueprint, and make a specific sound program. The sound system is built for the drama to provide equipment support. Sound control is in the performance process to follow the sound design concept, the scene using the sound design program, with the drama of other creative elements, to achieve the artistic effect of drama. These three parts are closely linked, they are in order to match the stage of the drama to play a better level of sound.

    Small theater drama highlights the characteristics of a "small" word. This is not just a small theater drama performance venues are relatively small, and the scale of the show is also very small. In general, the small theater theater performance venue for the audience capacity of 200 people, the actor at least only one or two people, as the "behind the scenes" of the main department is small and fine, so its investment costs are very low. Low investment costs, the risk becomes smaller, but also easy to close in time. The vast majority of small theater drama on the market are invested by private capital, self-financing. These features also directly affect the small theater drama sound design. Visual and design of the combination of audio design features. The sound design of the drama is mainly aimed at the design of audio and music, rarely related to the language. The sound of the drama is mostly used for the appearance, such as wind, rain, thunder, electricity and other weather phenomena, or some of the sound in life: doorbell, telephone, toilet and so on. These sound points to match the rhythm of the actors, and the actors form a tacit understanding. On the contrary, the drama of the music is mostly intended to use. Mainly used to render the story, to express the role of the inner feelings, the use of original music in the choice of the length of the music more free, the use of copyright music sometimes need to make the appropriate length of music clips, and the story needs fit. General small theater drama in the sound design rarely use original music, most creative team is the use of existing copyright music re-creation. But in China, the protection of intellectual property rights is not perfect, so the music copyright is not too much to be concerned about, often what music is appropriate to move over to use, do not consider the copyright issue. This is also a lot of small theater drama creative team of choice.

    Visualized sound design features. For example: to easy funny story-based when trying to use cheerful music; when the story describes the death of love can be used when the passion of the surging music; when the protagonist is a young girl can use piano, violin and other musical instruments Music, when the protagonist of the story is passionate boy can use the deep cello playing music. The music and sound of the little theater drama sometimes have a cross point in use, so find a fit between the cut and the cut of the two, starting from a similar tone, or starting from the same rhythm. The use of copyright music to match with the type of drama, the use of the audience familiar with the song is not a good thing.

    Civilians of the sound beats headphones on sale design features. The little "little" of the drama is another "small" in its story. It is not like the Grand Theater drama as concerned about the macro theme, but focus on people's livelihood, focus on the recent hot topic of society. Many small theater drama description of the little people are ordinary life, a small story. So its music is also very civilian characteristics, more popular style of music, so as to better access to the majority of the audience, so that the audience the fastest speed into the story of the theme. In addition, the rise of small theater drama is also because of "experience economy" development, people into the theater wholeheartedly into the drama plot. In order to highlight the small theater drama of the cordial, popular, in addition to increasing the actors and the audience interaction, breaking the performance space and the boundaries of space, select some easy to understand the sound, music can speed up the experience process, enhance the audience experience memory The

    Carnival sound design features. Small theater drama comedy elements rich, known as the "decompression drama", the main audience of such drama is the big city of white-collar workers. This class during the day to bear a lot of work and life stress, so get off work time to see a drama, want to seek temporary release in the drama, resulting in small theater drama has such a huge market. Many small theater drama creative team also marked the decompression, the banner of the song. Sound design needs to follow this principle. Use funny music band with the actor's performance, or use the variety show production mode using a variety of funny sound to add the humorous atmosphere of drama performances. Modern small theater drama pursuit of a carnival, even the interpretation of grief and sadness often break the routine, so the sound design also need to be bold innovation.

    The Influence of Sound Design on Performance Rhythm. Small theater drama because of the "small" and easy to dispatch, shrink freely. Nevertheless, the rhythm of the performance of the beats by dre wireless drama will still be affected by the stage sound. From a micro perspective, a sound point, a concert will affect the actor's rhythm. In the early sound design, the sound designer will go to rehearsal, probably understand the actors in a certain performance rhythm, select the beats headphones cheap appropriate sound and music. When the sound points and music to determine the actor must be adjusted according to the situation of their own rhythm. Where the rhythm of the stage sound and the rhythm of the performance is a mutual relationship. From a macro point of view, the sound design of the whole work will affect the performance of the whole drama rhythm. This is in the stage sound based on the small theater drama performance is more obvious. Many times, the stage sound is standing behind the scenes, but the small theater drama innovation bold, it is possible to break the routine, so that stage sound through the actors to the stage, in this case the sound design needs to establish a whole design ideas, Sound points and music at different locations will have an impact on the rhythm of the show.

    In the stage sound design process, to make their own works of color also need to pay attention to style unity, for the work to lay the tone. Variety of mixed elements may seem rich, but often will appear works of sound design chaotic.

    2017-09-14 11:15:13
  • Smart audio has nothing to do with sound The new product revealed a new direction

    The so-called smart audio, in fact, has nothing to do with the sound, recently in recent years, based on the popularity of iOS and Android, some of the traditional audio equipment manufacturers have started around the smart phone to create a WiFi or Bluetooth-based portable speakers. In short, it is to use the relatively cheap price to seize the market, these prices between one to three thousand dollars between the products do not have to shake the sound effects, but in the design, the number beats by dre studio of novelty to please the young consumers.

    In addition, the current market there are many cottage smart sound, because the hardware, however, once the volume elevation, the sound produced by the sound completely affect the sound itself has the value. As a sound, a hardware, smart sound if you can not keep the brand with the sound of the speaker, obviously it is difficult to really call the smart sound, smart speakers may be the name of the destination. Since it is called smart sound, brand smart sound should be the first sound to intelligence, which is currently most of the smart sound should be awake place.

    New products on the market revealed the direction of development

    Although the current smart audio field in the market there is the phenomenon of fish in troubled waters, put the manufacturers have big and small, which is the music of the cool dog is a small pink M1 Bluetooth beats headphones on sale headset, cool cool C1 car Bluetooth player, then push a Smart music hardware - K6 smart light HiFi sound (hereinafter referred to as "K6"), and in Jingdong open all chips.

    K6 can also use Bluetooth, DLNA, AirPlay, AUX connection to play, but its biggest feature is beats headphones on sale the WIFI direct play mode. Products using 5-inch high-definition touch screen, rotating screen design, equipped with Andrews 4.4.2 system, as long as the same operation and mobile phone connection WIFI, you can complete the play independently, download.

    In addition, the domestic audio well-known brands - Edifier to bring its first intelligent voice control sound MA5 heavy attack, for the intelligent cloud audio market add the trend for. Different from the traditional traditional speaker products, Edifier launched the intelligent cloud sound MA5, is a walker together Ali intelligent hardware + software + content combined with the way to break the source restrictions, subvert the traditional music appreciation, and can follow the user's voice Instructions to complete the music search and play, with voice control functions of the new smart audio products.

    The user only need to sound the voice command, a few seconds will automatically recognize the audio content, for the user to organize the playlist. And the product is also equipped with a positive LCD screen, in the process of human-computer interaction, the user can clearly see the playback information. Although the current product is also limited to identify the song name, but rely on Edifier strong research and development capabilities, the future is expected to use it to control smart home appliances, allowing users to completely out of the shackles of mobile phones and remote control.

    Written in the end: obviously in fact, "smart" and "sound" apart from the point of view, in fact, the two are not affected each other, but if the two together can produce a different anti-smart, so that ears enjoy high tech.

    2017-09-13 11:24:07
  • What are the basic stage sound configurations?

    As the saying goes, good horse beats headphones cheap with a good saddle, excellent stage performances must be a set of professional stage audio equipment. Currently on the market a wide range of stage audio equipment, different functions, to the choice of audio equipment has brought beats solo a certain degree of difficulty. Under normal circumstances professional stage audio equipment is by the microphone + mixer + amplifier + speaker can be. Sound source in addition to the microphone, and sometimes need DV D, computer music, etc., can only use the computer. But if it is a professional stage sound effects, in addition to the need to set up a professional stage staff, but also add effects, timing, equalizer, pressure limiters and other audio equipment. Here we detail the professional stage audio equipment.

    1, mixer

    A sound mixing device having a plurality of channel inputs, a sound for each channel which can be individually processed, and beats by dr dre having an output of beats earbuds left and right channels, mixing, monitoring, and the like. Is an important equipment for sound and sound creation by sound engineer, sound engineer and composer. 2, after the level amplifier 3, reverb 4, divider 5, the adapter 6, the compressor is the compressor and limiter merger collectively. Its main role is to protect the amplifier and speakers (speakers) and to create a special sound effects. 7, the effect of providing sound field effects, including reverb, delay, echo and sound processing of special audio equipment. 8, equalizer is the different frequency to enhance, attenuation, adjust the bass, midrange, treble ratio of the device. 9, speakers and speakers Speaker is the electrical signal into a sound signal device. According to the principle of distinction between the electric, electromagnetic, piezoelectric ceramic electrostatic and pneumatic.

    2017-09-12 11:26:57
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